Eclectic Decor, Tel Aviv

by Anna Kopito | 05.02.14

Abushdid, a new lounge restaurant located in a historical building on 16 Levontin Street, Tel Aviv, was designed by curators and owners of Design Space, Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel. Before its conversion into a modern lounge, Abushdid was once the home to Lea Abushdid and her husband, Itamar Ben Avi, who was the son of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, as well as the chief editor and journalist of Doar HaYom.

The story between the power couple started at 16 Levonton Street, in the 1920’s and was the starting point and inspiration to Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel.

Learning how to maintain the historical essence while adding a contemporary feel to the authentic building was an interesting challenge to work with. Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel were constantly active in the design process, creating an eclectic design. The selected furniture was made especially for Abushdid, the art was made by local Israeli arists, and the decor was found at Shuk Hapishishim in Yaffo. For the two designers, composition and consistency was the most important, and it was evident from the food and cocktails, to the graphics and interior design.

”To see people inside, moving, sitting, approaching, is also a reward. I mean, it’s working”, says Salome Fakiel.

Read more about Abushdid on Culinary City. Also, watch the video, made by Telaivivan, about the restaurant.

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2 Responses

  1. 01 m

    I’m sorry, but the thing with this restaurant and this “telavivian” sounds completely like an advertisement and maybe you should stop since you are loosing your integrity slowly but surely although the place does look good.

    • 02 annakopito

      Thanks for your comment. We completely agree with you in general. We can assure you that this post is not advertisement. Abushdid is truly a restaurant that we appreciate, and two of the Telavivians have also been involved in this project. Thanks for following us. Best Anna


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