High Art Wild Heart, Tel Aviv

by Anna Kopito | 20.11.13

This building, which was built in the late 1940s, is located on Rothschild Boulevard. Hagit Burstein moved to this south central location, three years ago, after living in the North of Tel Aviv. Since she lived in New York in the late 80’s, it had been her dream to move to a loft style apartment such as this one.

As far as living in the southern part of Tel Aviv, Hagit feels well suited with the atmosphere and rhythm of the people. Her dream loft has not only become her home and office, but also a space for entertainment and hang outs. In addition to inviting her friends, the loft has served as a host for other people and events. To add a personal touch and feeling to her home, a variety of art pieces fill the space, from emerging and established artists.

Everyone who visits the loft agrees it reflects Hagit’s character, and gives the feeling of home. As Hagit says, “Everybody feels comfortable if the owner does.”

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_1

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_2

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_3

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_4

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_6

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_7

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_8

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_9

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_10

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_11

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_12

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_13

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_14

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_16

tel_ avivian_yael engelhart_17


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