American Holiday, Highland Lakes, NJ

by yaelengelhart | 20.08.13

Located in Highland Lakes, NJ, the house was built in the late 1950s, and has since gone through several renovations. Originally, the area was developed in 1936 as a summer retreat for urban bourgeoisie, that in an hours drive from the Manhattan could find nature, open sky and tranquility. A typical local architecture based on variations of traditional log cabins, mostly with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This property, however, was built on a double lot and has four bedrooms, two bathrooms,a sunroof (currently functioning as a table-tennis room) and a converted basement, which serves an amateur music studio. Over the years, the house was used as a vacation home, but also a permanent home. The current owner renovated it for his own use, and it functions as a country retreat, where his friends and family can get together and enjoy their leisure time.


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