Minimalistic Cube, Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 07.07.13

Name> Barak Ravitz and Omer Frank
Occupation>  Artist and architecture student
Residence> Florentine, Tel Aviv
Book> Textile by Orly Castel-Bloom and The Thirtieth Year by Ingeborg Bachmann
Food> Bourekas from the Carmel Market and Cheesecake from The Bakery
City> Paris
Building> Amir Center on Agron Street, Jerusalem by David Resnick and Bahad Ehad by Zvi Hecker and Eldar Sharon

Omer and Barak have been living in their apartment for almost three years, including some time abroad. They love their apartment, even though it is distant from the city, and has an unusual division of space. Every month they buy a new plant, compensating the mess and grayness outside.

The patterned floor has a dominant appearance, and is considered as a piece of furniture, says Omer and Barak, which is why their place is scarcely decorated. Most of their things has been given to them from their families.

The couple are always imaging themselves living in a white, minimalistic cube with exactly four objects – the minimum of what they need.

The heart of the house is the library. Omer and Barak will add more shelves to it every few months, until the books reach the ceiling.


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