From Dawn to Dusk_Part One Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 19.05.13

Name> Noemi Givon
Occupation>  Manages an art gallery and represents artists since 1974
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> All the books by Donald Woods Winnicott. “He was an English child psychiatrist, pediatrician, and psychoanalyst, continued the way of Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein. He developed play therapy for children and wrote several books, however, he expressed that his writings are original ideas and deviate from theory of Freud”.
Food> Lobster and Lamb chops
City> Paris
Building> Ben Gurion’s and Ayala Zacks’ houses

Noemi and her son Ben, live in Neve Tzedek, in a home that has been around originally since the 19th century.  After 10 years of restoration and renovations planned and made by the architect Ori Glazer in conjunction with Nili Gal Mester, Arch, they were able to move in, and have been happily living there now for one year.

To grasp an ideal image of the success of this renovation, photos of the home in broad daylight have been included, highlighting every accent of the house. Next post will contain photos of the home to capture the elements right as night falls.

The structure reflects the classic construction of Jaffa, built of stone baring walls and ceilings made from limestone and flat arches of brick and galvanized steel. Its design reflects common residential typology of the urban middle class in Israel and Lebanon from the late 19th century to the early 30th century.

The facade of the original building was preserved accurately, and there were some other remains, such as the floor and parts of columns, that Noemi was able to keep. However, there were alterations to the interior to enhance the style and practicality. Each floor contains three large open spaces, which function also for an exhibition. With modular and dynamic walls, which are based on an axis, the residents have the opportunity to change the room division, as they like. These areas will be broad enough to accommodate events in a variety of mediums such as; sculpture, video, installation, architecture, painting, drawing, and new media.

The design reflects the resident’s passions for original Israeli art and mythological design objects by artists such as Mario Botta and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and custom made Venetian lamps and Ben’s skateboards.


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  1. 01 dolly chotam

    a beautiful home, full of light and inspiration. thank you Ori. Dolly Chotam.

  2. 02 dolly chotam

    A beautiful house, full of light and inspiration. Thank you Ori. Dolly Chotam.


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