Sweet Cosmos, Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 03.05.13

Name> Alma Mia Hadas
Occupation> Bartender
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> Fine Balance by Rohinton Misty
Food> Sushi
City> Haifa and Gush Dan Suburbs
Building> Ein Harod Musuem by architect Samuel Bickels

Alma lives in Jaffa, with her cat Clementine. Her home was originally built and used for a coffee factory owned by a Bulgarian family. When Alma entered the place, three years ago, it was a semi dump. She refurbished and repaired the house gradually until it reached its current design and spirit.

The loft has a main floor and a gallery, covered with various items including impressive Alma’s art work. The living room walls have their own distinct pattern, revealing the remnants of the original wall paintings that were not preserved as well as other homes in the area. This design element creates a very original and unique feel to the home. The house, located on a street level, however manage to create its own quiet microcosmos.


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