Dynamic Walls, Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 25.04.13

Name> Orit Haviv
Artist, painter
Magic and Deceit by Eran Bar Gil. “I read this book recently, and it made me cry”.
Fresh vegetables with oil and salt
Tel Aviv is my favorite city, mainly because I live there so I know it inside out and it makes me feel at home. San Francisco is another city I love. Even though it will never be my home, I think it’s the perfect city with spectacular natural embraces.
Shalom Meir Tower, Tel Aviv

Orit Haviv is a painter and a passionate owner of her own gallery and studio in the center of Tel Aviv, displaying artwork of emerging artists and designers.

Her home in Jaffa, whom she shares with her partner and beautiful daughter, is quite unique, challenging the typical concept of a house. There are several intimate corners throughout the space, even in the most spacious of rooms. The design is dynamic and timeless, avoiding the connection to a specific time frame. Given the open space, there is a lot of freedom to rearrange the furniture in multiple ways, adding character to the home’s design.

Although she likes to maintain a simple and humble feel, Orit enjoys mixing and matching styles and combining old with new. The crisp white walls are clear from art and decoration. Orit says, “I love white walls, the shadows and ray of lights, create minimalistic drawings on the wall, it excites me every time”. The foundation materials are a consistent combination of wood, concrete, and corten steel, surrounded by natural plants which play a role collaborating with the original architecture.


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