Mountain High, Jerusalem

by yaelengelhart | 11.04.13

Name> Irit Kohavi
Occupation> Architect and Founder of IK Architects office in Tel Aviv
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> A week at the airport: A Heathrow diary by Alain De Bottom. ”Being airport designer during the last 15 years, I am fascinated with a space affording one to experience a different quality of time” says Irit Kohavi.
Dish> Fresh vegetables
City> Jerusalem. ”Having the opportunity to plan in Jerusalem for 25 years, taking part in the design of the Yad Vashem museum complex, Mamilla district and hotels, and more, as principal architect and partner to Moshe Safdie, I am connected to the unique coexistence of the old and contemporary in the city”.
Building> Rockefeller Museum , Jerusalem. When I enter the beautiful patios or the tall round meeting room, the piece comes to my mind, and the beauty floats all over

The architecture of Irit Kohavi has been publicly displayed over 25 years, and this time, in this unique opportunity, the house overlooking the mountains is revealed as one of Irit’s more private works.

Facing the valley of Halilim, the unique family house was completed in 2002.

The house is hidden from the street, providing modest privacy to the life inside it, cascading down to the valley. The natural view penetrates throughout the perforated structure.

Sun beams radiate shadows over the stepping stairs and lower interior levels, creating different patterns, and almost a separate architecture of its own, consisting of circulation and movements of the changing sunlight.

The twelve meter high interior patio, naturally lit by south facing linear skylights, contains an open airy feel, while bridges link each of the common family spaces and private wings.

The use of local natural stone, exposed concrete, and steel in their bare existence, is a major design statement in this structure. The exceptional richness of detailing, led the natural light to play a significant role in the design of this minimalist harmonic space.

Irit Kohavi Architects office, specializes in a mix of projects including; commercial buildings, offices, airport terminals, and residential spaces.



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    This looks like a little piece of heaven on earth.


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