Harmonious Unit, Jerusalem

by yaelengelhart | 21.03.13

Name> Yehoshua and Ruthi Yeshua
Occupation> Yehoshua is a professor of french literature and Ruthie is a real estate agent
Residence> Jerusalem
Building> Musée de Cluny, Paris and Tabor house, Jerusalem by the architect Conard Shick

Joshua and Ruti Yehushua Live in Nachla’ot, Jerusalem.

Their house was built around 1860 by the Ottomans. It was preserved about a decade ago by the architect Shay Ofer in a conservative fashion adhering to the original structure and design, though the second floor is late addition, keeping the original style.

Both Joshua and Ruti have lived in Jerusalem for many decades and are involved in the city’s cultural life.

The interior design is assembled by numerous eclectic objects collected by the couple over the years. Some of the objects, such as the book library, the marble tables in the kitchen and the living room, were custom made. Others are classic pieces by Eames, Mies van dar Rohe, Vitra and others.

On each of my visits to the Yehushua’s home the house was always full of family and friends. The couple enjoys entertaining and having a lot going on around them. The house manifests their passions and creativity, their interests, their love of art, food, music and history. All these come together in a magical harmonious unit.


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