Contemporary life, Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 12.03.13

Name> Yaffa Braverman
Occupation> Owner and Director of Braverman Gallery
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years by Chinghiz Atimatov
Contemporary food
Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu and Vienna
Building>Villa Fuchs in Vienna by the architect Auto Wagner

After living for a considerable amount of time in Europe and the United States, Yaffa returned to Israel and established Braverman Gallery for Contemporary Art in 2004. She specializes in emerging and young established artists, mostly Israeli, whom she promotes in the international art scene. This year Gilad Ratman, one of her artists, was chosen to represent Israel at the Venice Biennial.

Recently relocated to Tel Aviv, Yaffa lives in the center of the city, not far from the gallery. Her apartment is in a preserved building planned by Emanuel Helbrecht and erected in 1936-8. The building’s was conserved and completed in 2012 by Nitza Smuk.

Yaffa wanted to keep the interior design clean, light, and simple. As such furniture and objects are a careful fusion of modernist and vintage. The latter readjusted to fit with the whole look and feel of the space. Her sense of adventure is manifested in the many pieces of art strewn around the flat.

The roof top has original furniture that Yaffa designed and manufactured in collaboration with architect Omer Gura.



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