White Noise, Tel Aviv

by yaelengelhart | 25.02.13

Name> Yasha Cyrinski
Occupation> Artist
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens
Dish> Most dishes in which, unlike quiche and pies, one can see the components we eat
City> Berlin
Building> Chemosphere, Los Angeles, by the architect John Lautner

Located in the east of Tel Aviv, Yasha’s studio overlooks the Ayalon highway. The Montefiore neighborhood, traditionally an area occupied by garages and other kinds of industrial properties has been steadily changing over the past years. The interior of Yasha’s studio, which used to be a small factory, is fabricated from wooden crates and other found objects and materials collected in the area. The idea was to retain the material rawness while maintaining unique details. The ideas Yasha had in mind evolved during the building process and are since in constant change.

Y: “In Israel it is essential for the space to also function as a mental shelter from the outside world.”

Y: “I am attracted to spaces which give you a sense of drama or mystery.”

Y: “Good spaces, like lofts, are those that can be converted to other purposes.”

Y: “I like to have a certain amount of chaos in the environment around my studio. I find fastidious order in the environment very unstimulating.”



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