Levant Dreaming, Neve Tzedek

by yaelengelhart | 18.02.13

Name> Alon Matos
Occupation> Architect
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> Tzimaon (Thirst) by Shulamit Har Even
Building> The Jewish Agency, Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv
Dish> Carbs
City> Midresehet Ben Gurion, Sde Boker

Alon Matos is a young and charming architect, a great chef and Master of DIY. His house is located in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. The house was deserted for many years, and Alon renovated it by himself slowly but firmly, worked and shaped the little details, until it achieved a suitable living space. The house was built around 1917 by an unknown architect. Different tenants have resided in the house over the years, each family with their own memories, until Alon moved 3 years ago and gave the place its current spirit.

A: “This house excites me, perhaps its the circulation, the indoor/patio relations, or possibly the patine which is impossible to recreate.”

A: “I feel that there’s a mystical spirit in this house, it’s a magical island isolates me from the city. Nothing in the outside world matters anymore, at least for a moment or two”.


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