California Dreaming, Kfar Shmaryahu

by yaelengelhart | 18.02.13

Name> Lustig’s Residence
Occupation> TV and Radio host, Journalist
Residence> Tel Aviv
Book> The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen
Building> Kolbo Shalom, Tel Aviv
Dish> Brasserie’s Endive Salad (70 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv)
City> Tel Aviv and London

Lustig Family’s house was planned in 1979 by the Israeli architect Yigal Elhanay and is located in Kfar Shmaryahu. The house was renovated in the last decade and most of the former furniture were replaced, besides the wooden cabin, designed and built by the Israeli artist Naftali Bezem, that remained in its original form. I visited the house a few years ago, when I photographed Dafna Lustig for Galerya, Haaretz. She chose her family’s house as proper location showing parts from her life. I fell in love with it at first glance. Spacious and luxurious houses are not unfamiliar to me, but here, I found a different and special balance that uplifted my mind in my constant journey in pursuit of exciting architecture. Thus, I decided to come back to reshoot it.


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